What is #BeefMode?

We all want to be at our best all the time. But let’s face it. It’s a
fantasy. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows that it’s impossible to always
be energetic, strong, smart, positive and stay on top of things. Or is it?


A mindset where everything is possible.

Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep last night and now find it hard to
focus on the report you have to file before end of day? Grab some Jack Link's
Beef Jerky and you’ll get the power to type like a… marathon typer? 

Maybe you find yourself in a tricky situation, like hanging from a
cliff, without a good plan on how to get out of this pickle? Use your free hand
to reach for some of that Jack Link's Beef Jerky you have in your pocket and
you might gain the strength you need to help you pull yourself up again. Or, at
the very least, you’ll get a great protein snack that gives you long-lasting
energy. Which is pretty cool. Even though you’re still hanging from a cliff.

Whatever the situation. Whenever you need a boost to power through your

Enter BEEF MODE™! With Jack Link's.